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As a senior, it can be challenging to admit that you need help, especially if you've been a highly independent person or are used to caring for others. And if you're the caregiver, it may be equally difficult to consider allowing someone new to care for your beloved family member. At Braxton Senior Care, we hope knowing your loved one will be well taken care of eases your decision.

All the nurses and employees at our facility are dedicated to making sure everyone has a lovely time while under our care. Our small nonprofit has been in business for over 26 years, so you can count on us to provide unmatched care for your loved one.

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We do everything possible to create positive experiences for all our clients. Participating in our day care program comes with all kinds of benefits, including:

  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Socialization and peer support
  • Enjoyable and educational activities
  • Improvements in mental and physical health
  • Enhanced or maintained levels of independence
  • A safe, secure environment in which to spend the day

Transitioning your family member to a day care program is much easier when it's an incredible one like ours. Call us now at 334-289-2421 to take the first step toward joining us.

Relax Knowing Your Loved One Is Enjoying Themselves

Adult day care is a much better option than isolation